About Dvora (Vegh) Zelichov’s

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Dvora Zelichov was born in Tel Aviv in 1953, to religious parents who were Holocaust survivors. Dvora learnt art and educated students for twenty-five years. Over the years she participated in various workshops in art and studied with the following artists:

Shimon Avni

Eliyahu Gat

Moshe Rosenthalis

Rachel Shavit

Arye Lamdan

Edwin Solomon

Marcello Fishman

She is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association.

The themes of Dvora’s paintings in the past and the present are drawn from Moments in her life, flowing via her brush on to the canvas in form and hue, in open composition. Her artwork made by using different techniques in acrylic on canvas. Contrasting splashes of color, use of texture, symbols and personification. 
Her works have been shown at exhibitions and are to be found in private art collections. 


As Dvora belongs to the second generation after the Holocaust, she cannot but address the colossal dimensions of the trauma her family underwent. Her parents survived the death camps; her father was bereaved of an entire family: a wife, three sons, parents and other relatives. The father figure accompanies the artist and her works both explicitly and implicitly—in objects, events, sensations, emotions and metaphorical insights; especially manifesting themselves in the Holocaust Series. Looking at the complete Series shows us once again that the whole may be greater than the sum of its individual parts. 
In 2014 The Museum of Yad Vashem decided to add to its permanent collection  
Dvora zelichov's creation called Lena (Leah) 



Kaplan St. Tel Aviv Hashomrim South